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Timed Entry Event Solution for Tours, Exhibits, and Pop-Up Attractions

Events that run multiple days, and require a specific time for purchase can now rejoice with TicketSauce’s robust system to manage and sell Timed Entries; perfect for your tours, pop-up attractions, special exhibitions, and museum exhibits. Timed Entry functionality allows guests to select a date and time to enter your event, gives you power to limit capacity for each time slot, view sales data in real time, and easily check in guests when the day of the event arrives. A perfect alternative to Showclix’s Timed Entry options.

Go Beyond Ticketing during COVID-19

Many businesses are looking to control and limit the volume of customers that can enter their business. From grocery stores, nightclubs, and theme parks, we have you covered. Using our Timed Entry functionality, customers can choose the date and time slot that they are allowed entry. You control the number of attendees limited per time slot so you can keep a close eye on the number of guests in your business.

Timed Entry

Timed Entry Features:

  • Create events where tickets or price points can be sold across many recurring time slots
  • Select only desired ticket types to be available for specific dates and times
  • Create a calendar of activities within your main event that can contain multiple different venues at different times and on different dates
  • Extensive and modular reporting allows you to view all sales, sales by day, or even sales by hour. Easily download the information you need to analyze your audience.
  • Checkout Timer is activated to hold tickets for customers while they check out and to release tickets back into inventory if the customer does not purchase in a timely manner

Features Your Timed Entry Event will Love:

  • Countdown Timer: Release tickets back into inventory if customer does not purchase in a timely manner and create urgency to convert with the countdown timer.
  • Add Ons: Easily sell add ons right alongside your main ticketing, such as merchandise, parking, photo ops, and more.
  • Questionnaires: Ask your guests anything with multiple choices, short answers, waivers, and photo uploads that can be asked per ticket or per order.
  • Mobile Check-in: Download the TicketSauce app on any Android or Apple device, and turn anywhere into your mobile box office where you can sell tickets for cash or credit, check in guests, and more. Internet an issue? Not a problem with offline check-in.

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